iTouchdown and iTouchdown Lite 1.7.3 are now available for both the iPhone™ and iPad™ on the App Store!

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iTouchdown is user friendly, efficient and a great tool for either the professional or amateur football scorekeeper. Entering plays are logical, simple and easy to correct for user errors. Drive summaries, real-time player and team stats by quarter, half, game and season has greatly improved my local radio broadcast of the high school football team. Maintenance of leagues, seasons and teams are a snap so that I can also use it casually while watching my favorite team on television. For clean and easy to use football stat tracking, this app is top of the line! ❞   --David Marshall, Football Statistician

  1. Large buttons to enter plays 

  2. Real-time stats for team and players, current game or entire season 

  3. Displays current line of scrimmage and first down marker 

  4. Undo or edit events at any time 

  5. Assign events to individual players or team 

  6. Rapid Roster function to quickly setup teams 

  7. Calculates approximate time of possession for drives 

  8. Export game stats via email in HTML or Excel formats 

  9. Export game stats to MaxPreps 

  10. Bluetooth transfer of team/game data between devices

  11. CSV import of team rosters

  12. Twitter feed 

  13. Support for multiple leagues/seasons

  14. Adjust clock by pressing and holding clock button  

Coming Soon: 

  1. Drive charts 

  2. Season export 

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