ScoreSoccer and ScoreSoccer Lite 2.7.9 are now available for both the iPhone™ and iPad™ on the App Store!

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  1. 1.In order to add a game, you'll need to first add teams and players. Check your preferences on the Settings page before scoring a game. 

  2. 2.To add an event, tap the type of event (such as shot), location on field (can be dragged to adjust), and the team that performed the event. By default, shot position is only required for shots, but you can always add it for other events, such as offsides for fouls. There is a preference setting to require shot position for all events.

  3. 3.When the action is fast, just add a shot and press save so you get an accurate timestamp. You can always go back later and edit details, such as shot type, shooter, keeper, etc. by selecting that line on the scoresheet. Scroll down on the shot details to add Notes. You can even change the team if you pressed the wrong button.

  4. 4. When exporting statistics, you can choose one of two formats:

  5. Send as Message - The results will be HTML formatted in the body of the email message

  6. Send as Attachment (CSV) - The results will be placed in a comma separated values (CSV) attachment, which can easily be read by programs such as Excel.

  7. 5.To change periods, simply tap on the period. If there is time on the clock, you will be prompted to reset the clock each time you toggle the period.

  8. 6.Don't forget to start the clock at the beginning of each period!

  9. 7.To import a team, create a CSV file using a text editor or Excel in the following format:

Line 1: Team Name

Lines 2+: Player Number, Player Name, Position (Keeper only)


FC Dallas

10, David Ferreira

7, Fabian Castillo

1, David Hartman, GK

NOTE: If creating in Excel, put the Player Number, Player Name and Position in columns A, B & C and then Save As a CSV file. Excel will insert the commas.

  1. Email the CSV to your iPhone/iPad

  2. “Tap and hold” the attachment in the email app.

  3. Select the button labeled: Open in “ScoreSoccer”