HoopStats and HoopStats Lite 1.13.8 are now available for both the iPhone™ and iPad™ on the App Store!

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  1. Large buttons to select player, action and shot position

  2. Real-time stats for team and players, current game or entire season

  3. Displays shot charts for all made and missed shots

  4. Undo or edit events at any time

  5. Simple substitutions on the fly

  6. Automatically determine offensive/defensive rebounds

  7. Assign events to individual players or team

  8. Auto Complete to speed up data entry

  9. Rapid Roster function to quickly setup teams

  10. Export game stats via email in HTML or Excel formats

  11. Export shot charts via email in PDF format

  12. Print directly to AirPrint enabled printers

  13. Export game stats to MaxPreps, VarVee, ScoreTrax, or StatCrew

  14. Upload stats directly to ProFile Sports

  15. Bluetooth transfer of team/game data between devices

  16. CSV import of team rosters

  17. Twitter feed

  18. Backup/restore via Dropbox

  19. Support for multiple leagues/seasons

  20. Both game and season stats/short charts available for export

  21. Adjust clock by pressing and holding clock button  

  22. Tracks the following stats:

  23. Made and missed shots by type (FT, 2pt, 3pt)

  24. Offensive/Defensive Rebounds

  25. Assists

  26. Steals

  27. Turnovers

  28. Offensive/Defensive/Technical Fouls

  29. Blocks/Deflections

  30. Fouls Received

  31. Charges Taken

  32. Efficiency (uses NBA formula)

  33. True shooting percentage

  34. Player +/-

  35. Playing Time

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HoopStats is by far the BEST and most comprehensive basketball statistics tracker application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This application allows coaches, statisticians, parents, and even fans to keep track of important player and team statistics for their favorite (and even opponents') basketball teams. HoopStats allows me to keep track of complex basketball statistics with ease, providing immediate feedback on the performance of my team and its opponents–all of which can be emailed in an easy-to-read format. This application is a MUST-buy for any basketball fanatic! ❞   --Emilee Stucky, Basketball Statistician