HoopStats and HoopStats Lite 1.13.8 are now available for both the iPhone™ and iPad™ on the App Store!

  1. Overview

  2. Tips & Tricks

  3. Release History

  4. FAQs

Compatible with:

  1. 1.Start by adding teams using the Teams manager. Tap the + button (top right) to add a team. You’ll need at least two teams to create a game.

  2. 2.Next, add a game using the Games manager. Tap the + button to create a game.

  3. 3.Tap the newly created game and start scoring! Assign events by selecting the player and action. For made or missed shots, tap the screen to show the position of the shot.

  4. 4.To undo an event, hold the iPad in Portrait (vertical) orientation. The last event is listed at the bottom with an undo button beside it.

  5. 5.The Events button allows you to view, edit and delete events.

  6. 6.The Sub button allows you to sub players from either team. Select a player first to make a single substitution.

  7. 7.At any point, you can check the stats by tapping the Stats button.

  8. 8.The Export button (at the top) allows you to email stats for this game.

  9. 9.Tap the score button (either team) to view the scoring summary.

  10. 10.Check the FAQ page or View User Manual for more details. 

  11. 11.To import a team, create a CSV file using a text editor or Excel in the following format:

Line 1: Team Name

Lines 2+: Player Number, Player Name



1, Bosh

3, Wade

5, Howard

6, James

15, Chalmers

NOTE: If creating in Excel, put the Player Number and Player Name in columns A & B and then Save As a CSV file. Excel will insert the commas.

  1. Email the CSV to your iPhone/iPad

  2. “Tap and hold” the attachment in the email app.

  3. Select the button labeled: Open in “HoopStats”