HoopStats and HoopStats Lite 1.13.8 are now available for both the iPhone™ and iPad™ on the App Store!

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Q: HoopStats says the email was sent but I didn’t receive it. Where is the email?

A: HoopStats uses the built-in email functionality of the iOS device. If you can send other emails using the iOS Mail app, HoopStats should work. Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. 1.Check for Internet connectivity by browsing a Web page using Safari.

  2. 2.See if you can send other emails using the Mail app.

  3. 3.Check the Outbox folder in the Mail app to see if the HoopStats emails are stuck there. If so, tap to resend.

  4. 4.Check the Sent folder in the Mail app to see if the HoopStats emails are listed there. If they are, they were sent from the device. Most of the email problems are caused by spam filters.

  5. 5.Check the Junk Mail and Spam folders on the receiving email system.

  6. 6.Check with your Internet Service Provider to see if there are additional Spam blockers at the server level.

  7. 7.Try sending to a different email address.

Q: What is the +/- stat?

A: +/- indicates the team’s performance (point differential) when a player is on the court. In order to calculate +/- in HoopStats, the Track Playing Time option must be turned on.

Q: How is the efficiency stat calculated?

A: HoopStats uses the NBA Efficiency formula:

EFF = PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK − Missed FG − Missed FT − TO

Q: How is the true shooting percentage stat calculated?

A: HoopStats uses the standard true shooting percentage formula:

TS% = PTS * 100 / (2 * (FGA + 0.44 * FTA))

Q: What stats are reported?

A: Abbreviations for the stats reported are shown below:

  1. No.: Player’s jersey number

  2. Time: Playing time (if enabled)

  3. +/- : Plus/minus (see above)

  4. 2FGM: 2 point field goals made

  5. 2FGA: 2 point field goal attempts

  6. 2FG%: 2 point field goal percentage made

  7. 3FGM: 3 point field goals made

  8. 3FGA: 3 point field goal attempts

  9. 3FG%: 3 point field goal percentage made

  10. FGM: Total field goals made

  11. FGA: Total field goal attempts

  12. FG%: Total field goal percentage made

  13. FTM: Free throws made

  14. FTA: Free throw attempts

  15. FT%: Free throw percentage made

  16. Points: Points scored

  17. Asst: Assists

  18. OReb: Offensive rebounds

  19. DReb: Defensive rebounds

  20. Fouls: Fouls committed

  21. Block: Blocked shots

  22. Def: Defections

  23. Steal: Steams made

  24. T-over: Turnovers committed

  25. Chg Tkn: Charges taken (see below)

  26. Fouled: Fouls received

  27. Eff: Efficiency (see above)

  28. TS%: True shooting percentage (see above)

  29. Custom 1: Customizable button

  30. Custom 2: Customizable button

Q: How do I record a charge taken?

A: First tap the foul button for the team that committed the foul. On the foul page, select Offense for the foul type and the player that committed the foul. Then scroll down and select the player that was fouled. This will be recorded as a “charge taken.”

Q: I recently upgraded to a new iPhone/iPad. How can I restore my data?

A: If you have the old device, you can transfer team and game data via Bluetooth. The easiest way to transfer all data is to perform a Backup to Dropbox on the old device and then Restore from Dropbox on the new device. These operations are available on the Settings tab. NOTE: ALL data on the new device will be overwritten during the Restore operation.

Q: How do I view stats for the entire season?

A: Go to the Stats page and select Season. To email, tap the export button next to All.


Q: What is MaxPreps and VarVee?

A: MaxPreps and VarVee are stats gathering Web sites for High School athletes. HoopStats can export files that are then uploaded to these sites by High School coaches.


Q: How do I upload data to MaxPreps?

A: When exporting a game, make sure the MaxPreps option is turned on. This will create two attachments (one for each team) that will be included with the email. Save these files on your computer and then log into the MaxPreps Web site, using your coach login. From there, you can upload the HoopStats file, which includes all the individual player stats that MaxPreps tracks.

Q: Can I transfer or sync games between multiple devices?

A: Version 1.6 now supports transferring teams and/or games between devices via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. The devices must be within a few meters of each other. Go to the Settings screen and follow the steps on both devices to perform the transfer. Only the “active” Season and League will be shown.


Q: How do I change periods?

A: Tap on the period at the top. On the iPad, use the arrow buttons. When the game is over, tap the period to "end" the game.


Q: How are timeouts handled?

A: Tap the timeout button for the team taking the timeout. When the timeout is over tap it again or simply press an action. This will resume the clock that is used to keep track of playing time. 


Q: Are overtimes supported?

A: Yes, up to four OTs are supported. Periods and timeouts are specified on the Settings page.


Q: What does Auto Complete do?

A: If on, the following actions are automatically selected:

  1. Rebound after missed shot

  2. Assist after made shot

  3. Turnover after steal


Q: Why are my rebounds listed as offensive/defensive? How do I specify the type?

A: Offensive/Defensive rebounds were based on which team took (missed) the last shot. To manually specify, tap the rebound button and it will toggle between "D-Reb" and "O-Reb".


Q: What if I only want to keep stats for my team?

A: Version 1.2 and newer supports single team stat keeping. To do this, create the other team, but don't add any players (or mark them all as not playing). By doing so, the scorebook page will display a single button (home or visitors) for that team. You can still use this button if you want to track events for that team. They just won't be tied to individual players. If you never track stats for the other teams, create a single team called "Opponent" and alway select that team when creating a new game to play against yours.


Q: Can I record a "team" rebound?

AVersion 1.3 and newer supports a team rebound or turnover. First select the action (rebound or turnover), then tap on the team name. 


Q: When is the Android version coming out?

A: Currently, there are no plans to port to the Android platform. The platform and development tools have been evaluated and deemed inferior to the iOS platform.